Vicky Abad Profile

Vicky Abad

Founder and Managing Director

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Chare Walton

Charé Walton

QLD Clinical Team Leader and Senior Music Therapist

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Kate Fletcher

Kate Fletcher

Manager, Music Therapy and Creative Arts

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Lauren Huxley

Lauren Huxley

Group Leader and Music Tutor

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Penny Jarman

Penny Jarman

Group Leader

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Serena Eakin

Serena Eakin

Group Leader

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Joy LIm

Joy Lim

Group Leader

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Sheryl Davies Staff Profile

Sheryl Davies

Office Manager

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Roxie Snowflake Staff Profile

Roxie Snowflake

BBHQ Security & Doggy Music Tutor

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He loved the ukulele soooo much (or "tar"...short for guitar, as he says)! Josie
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